How Not To Take Things Personally

01. Before you react, take a mental break.

Before you react, take a mental break.
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When confronted with a situation at work that you fear you will personalize, take a break. Hold off on responding at first, whether it’s a week off or even a few minutes sealed in the toilet cubicle. Alternatively, take a step back, exhale, and revisit the issue.

02. Don’t worry about what others think of you.

Constantly worrying about what other people think of you puts a lot of pressure on yourself. It’s stressful and wastes your time if you keep doing it. Do your work honestly and sincerely, and don’t worry about what your coworkers or your manager think of you.

03. Allow Things to Flow

Allow Things to Flow
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Make traumatic moments into lessons on how to be stronger and better deal with adversity. Allowing them to make you angry or resentful is counterproductive; instead, utilize them to improve yourself and move forward.

04. Become overconfident

Become overconfident
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Only people with poor self-esteem are susceptible to the influence of others’ opinions. Nothing can undermine your self-confidence and belief in your abilities if you are confident in them.

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