How to Overcome Distractions in Life 

Well, we have all been at that point when we are tempted to join social media when we should be working on an assignment or studying. And then there are those notifications we ache to see once there are notification sounds on our phones or the emails you keep on checking every 5 minutes so that you don’t miss any important message.

Well, distractions are here to stay, and research shows that they lower your productivity at home, school, and work. Therefore, if you want to avoid distractions, it’s essential to incorporate structure in your lie by managing your time properly and removing distractions. These few changes will enable you to overcome distractions and improve your productivity in your tasks.

Top 4 ways of overcoming distractions in your life

01.Avoid Electronics

Avoid Electronics
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The top way of eliminating distractions is putting away that smartphone, tablet or computer. They should be as far away as possible and powered off. Or better place them in the drawer or a room it will be hard to access them. If you’re using the device at work, then limit those apps that will lower your productivity.

Also, don’t forget to turn off notifications on your phone as social media apps can easily distract you for a longer time. Only turn on the important notifications, and you can utilize the “Do Not Disturb” feature that is available in many smartphones to avoid these notifications. Later on, you can check them when you’re finished with the current task.

02.Set Clear Objectives Each day

Set Clear Objectives Each day
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If you design many objectives, then you will feel overwhelmed and fail to achieve them all together, even before starting. But you can easily accomplish more and avoid distractions by listing only three objectives you want to accomplish each day. Write them on a note that you can easily access anytime. By listing a few daily goals, you will clearly define what you want to start working on. And you will focus more on these tasks; thus, your mind will less likely stray anymore.

When you wake up each day, ask yourself of the most important goals you want to achieve and note them down in a to-do list. Once you accomplish the most critical tasks, you can handle the rest later.

03.Give yourself a shorter time

Give yourself a shorter time
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If you have more hours, then there is no guarantee that you’ll accomplish more. This is because you give workers more time, then they will find ways of accommodating the remaining time with distractions. That way, if you don’t dedicate some extra time to other activities, then you will be tempted to play a video game or watch some YouTube videos. But when you have less time, you will avoid distractions and figure a way to complete the task on time. Therefore, with a short deadline, getting distracted will be more challenging.

04.Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself
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Finally, it’s essential to reward yourself to ensure you keep the spirits and motivation high. By bringing in rewards, you will make it more enticing to complete a particular task. For example, if you reward yourself with a cup of tea, a television show, or internet time, then you will tend to avoid distractions as you’ll think of the reward you’ll get by avoiding it.

Avoiding distractions is the best way of hastening your productivity in different environments. Luckily, with our guide, it will be easier for you to avoid the distractions coming across your way.

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