How to Turn Fear into Positive Energy

Fear is a natural response that all of us have. We get afraid because of something we see in real life that might hurt us. Additionally, there are emotional fears like facing painful realities or just the fear of the unknown. Whatever the fear is though, it can be transformed into positive energy. In the following article, we will explore eight ways to do just that.

01.Breathe Deeply and Relax

Breathe Deeply and Relax
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When you start to feel fear, your breathing gets very shallow. It’s almost like you have hit a panic button and you intake too much oxygen as a result. Rather than short, exhausting breathes, try instead to do five seconds in, hold for a second, and then release. This way, you will stop the fear response but get the positive, relaxing benefits of getting more oxygen.

02.Take a Break to See What Thoughts Are Behind your Fears

Take a Break to See What Thoughts Are Behind your Fears
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They say that the unexamined life is not worth living. This saying applies well to your fears as well. You might see that you have irrational fears about the future. Rather than succumbing to hidden fears, you should explore why you are afraid. Knowing the truth really does help you start to process everything before it becomes a phobia.

03.Avoid Fighting and Begin to Admit

Avoid Fighting and Begin to Admit
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Fighting that you are afraid is just a state of denial. I understand this because a lot of the time I just put on a brave face. However, your fears can break through that facade. They can even lead to states where you hermit yourself. You must admit that you are afraid to begin the work of overcoming.

04.Think Up the Choices Available

Think Up the Choices Available
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I understand that freaking out seems to be the easiest option available. However, you will be a nervous wreck if you act like this all the time. There are other choices out there, like getting therapy or even talking to a friend.

05.Eat Well and Get Good Sleep

Eat Well and Get Good Sleep
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Make sure that you do not neglect the basics of your health. Everyone needs these basics and they are important in order that you don’t go into emotional states due to lack of the necessities.

06.Enjoy Supporting People

Enjoy Supporting People
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We are supposed to be social creatures. It can feel harder due to COVID-19, but we need to work on getting out there to help others. There’s always someone who is in a worse state than you are that needs a friend. If you go out for coffee or over to someone’s house, just chatting about mutual struggles can help.

07.Visualize Your Impending Success

Visualize Your Impending Success
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A visualization is a powerful tool. It will help you to see a better time. Even if you are not doing that well, just sit down and imagine what your life could look like without your fears. It can be an inspiring exercise.

08.Ask Deep Space for What You Desire and Afterwards Let Go of the Outcome

Ask Deep Space for What You Desire and Afterwards Let Go of the Outcome
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You need to throw your request out there. After you do this, trust in a higher power to procure an outcome.

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