Cupid and Psyche: Love Beyond Sight

Once upon a time in the kingdom of mortal men and women, a king had a daughter so exquisitely beautiful that she was admired far and wide. Her name was Psyche, and her beauty was such that even the goddess Venus grew envious. To punish her, Venus sent her son, Cupid, to make Psyche fall in love with the most hideous of creatures.


However, Cupid, upon seeing Psyche, was struck by her beauty, and instead of obeying his mother, he fell deeply in love with her. He decided to take Psyche to his heavenly abode, but under one condition—Psyche must never see his face.

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Their life together was a blissful one, filled with love and laughter. Psyche, despite not seeing her husband, was contented, for she loved Cupid with all her heart. However, her curiosity eventually overpowered her. One night, as Cupid was sleeping, Psyche brought forth a lamp to see her husband’s face.


On seeing his divine beauty, Psyche was in awe. However, a drop of oil from the lamp fell on Cupid, waking him. Angered by her disobedience, Cupid flew away, leaving Psyche heartbroken.

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Undeterred by the challenges, Psyche undertook many trials to win back Cupid’s love, even appeasing the wrathful Venus. Her efforts, sincerity, and undying love for Cupid finally paid off, and the gods, moved by their love story, allowed Psyche to become immortal.

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In the end, Cupid and Psyche were reunited, their love stronger than ever, and they lived blissfully for all eternity.


And so goes the tale of Cupid and Psyche, a story that teaches us that love is not just about physical appearances but the soul that resides within. Their story serves as a reminder that true love requires faith, courage, and the will to face any trial that comes in the way.

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