DMCA Removal

DMCA Removal

Please refer to the statement below if you have issues with our application of copyrighted materials.

What Is the DMCA?

The DMCA (or Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a copyright law first passed in October 1998. Bill Clinton was the President who oversaw its launch and implementation. The law encompasses two accords: (1) the WIPO Copyright Treaty and (2) the WIPO Performances and Photograms Treaty. Both are protected by the broader World Intellectual Property Organisation Treaty of 1996.

In reference to the DMCA, the treaties cover a number of key copyright permissions and legislations.

For instance, if you are the legal owner of a piece of material or the legally designated agent for that material, you have the right to send a notice of infringement to any party you feel is using the material unlawfully.

If you feel our website and its use of any piece of material infringes on your copyright, please email a notice of infringement to First, we will take steps to prove the application is ‘fair’ according to Fair Use permissions. If we cannot, we will remove the offending material immediately.

Any piece of material shared by a third party on our website is not our legal responsibility. You must address your notice of infringement to the person who distributed the copyrighted material. We make no claims of ownership or right of use on such applications.

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