Medical Disclaimer

The website works together with its partner websites and articles. They provide content in the form of texts, images, graphics, or in any other structure that they deem appropriate to express the needed message. website aims to inform the public, and not use the materials for any other purpose such as conducting professional medical counseling, diagnosis, or treatment.

The website recommends that you always seek further intervention from a certified health worker. Whenever you have some medical concerns, let the qualified physicians answer all questions to your satisfaction. Even though you receive fulfilling information from or any of its associated websites, you should still take the quick measures to seek professional health opinion and instructions.

Further, neither advocates nor recommends that you select particular medication, tests, doctors, course of action, or any other information that may form part of their website, without seeking professional medical advice. You only rely on such content at your own risk.

In the case of a medical emergency, dial 911 straight away.

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