10 Medium Length Haircuts for Every Face Shape

Have you ever sauntered into a hair salon, armed with numerous Pinterest images of Medium Length Haircuts, only to walk out wondering, “Why doesn’t this look as fabulous as I’d hoped?” Well, darling, it might not be the haircut itself but the harmony between the cut and your face shape that’s gone a tad off-key. But don’t fret; every face is like a unique canvas, awaiting the perfect medium-length masterpiece. And we’re here to help you find the right brushstrokes. Dive in with me, won’t you?

1. Oval Face Shape: The Balanced Beauty

Medium Length Haircuts-Oval Face Shape

Often dubbed the golden standard of face shapes, the oval face is slightly longer than it is wide, boasting balanced proportions. And when it comes to hairstyles, these lucky folks are spoilt for choice!

The Perfect Cut: A medium-length layered haircut. Imagine soft waves that cascade just below the shoulders, gently brushing your collarbones.

Why It Works: This hairstyle offers volume and dimension, ensuring the face doesn’t appear elongated. And those soft waves? They add that touch of playful charm!

2. Round Face Shape: The Circular Charm

Medium Length Haircuts-Round Face Shape

Picture a face that’s as wide as it is long, with full cheeks that seem to always hint at a smile. That’s the round face for you, radiating youthful energy!

The Perfect Cut: A medium-length side-parted, angled lob, tapering towards the face.

Why It Works: The angle of the lob elongates the face, drawing attention away from its width. It’s like magic but with scissors!

3. Square Face Shape: The Angular Aesthetic

Medium Length Haircuts-Square Face Shape

Defined jawlines and a forehead that’s roughly the same width as the jaw? Oh, you’re in the square squad. And trust me, there’s a world of chic hairstyles awaiting you!

The Perfect Cut: Medium length with soft, rounded layers, especially framing the jawline.

Why It Works: Those soft layers act like a visual diffuser, softening and rounding out those strong jawlines. It’s a delightful blend of edge and elegance.

4. Heart Face Shape: The Dainty Divergence

Medium Length Haircuts-Heart Face Shape

If your forehead is the broadest part of your face, tapering down to a pointed chin, you, my dear, have a heart-shaped face. And your hairstyle needs to reflect its delicate charm.

The Perfect Cut: Medium-length with volume at the crown and soft, wavy ends.

Why It Works: This cut balances out the narrowness of the chin, while the waves add volume where needed. Think of it as a harmonious hair hug for your face.

5. Long (or Rectangular) Face Shape: The Elongated Elegance

Medium Length Haircuts-Long (or Rectangular) Face Shape

Long faces, often accompanied by high foreheads, require a touch of horizontal aesthetics. The aim? To break the vertical stretch visually.

The Perfect Cut: Medium-length with horizontal layers and side-swept bangs.

Why It Works: The layers add width, while the bangs reduce the length. It’s like giving your face a cozy blanket of hair to nestle in.

6. Diamond Face Shape: The Sparkling Silhouette

Medium Length Haircuts-Diamond Face Shape

Ah, the diamond face shape! With cheekbones that are the widest part of the face, flanked by a narrow forehead and a delicate chin, it’s truly a unique and dazzling shape.

The Perfect Cut: Medium-length featuring soft layers starting from the cheekbones, flowing effortlessly into textured ends.

Why It Works: Those layers bring attention to your face’s crowning glory – the cheekbones. They offer a gentle frame that celebrates the diamond’s facets without overshadowing them. This haircut is like the cherry on top of an already exquisite sundae!

7. Triangular Face Shape: The Base-Bold Beauty

Medium Length Haircuts-Triangular Face Shape

With a broader jawline and a more narrow forehead, the triangular face shape is quite the captivating canvas for hairstylists.

The Perfect Cut: Medium-length, harmoniously balanced with volume at the top and a graceful A-line shape. Think volume, but not the loud-speaker type!

Why It Works: The added volume at the crown counteracts the wider jaw, bringing a sense of equilibrium. The subtle A-line ensures that your hair doesn’t make your jawline feel too heavy. It’s like the seesaw of hairstyles – perfectly balanced.

8. Inverted Triangle Face Shape: The Top-Heavy Temptress

Medium Length Haircuts-Inverted Triangle Face Shape

The inverted triangle is the fun mirror reflection of the triangular face shape, where the forehead reigns wide, and the jawline tapers to a narrower point.

The Perfect Cut: Medium-length, adorned with soft, face-framing layers that subtly taper towards the collarbone.

Why It Works: Those layers, they’re the heroes here! They divert attention from a broader forehead and add fullness around the chin, creating a wonderfully balanced visage. It’s like contouring, but no makeup brushes needed!

9. Oblong Face Shape: The Linear Allure

Medium Length Haircuts-Oblong Face Shape

If your face is noticeably longer than it is wide, without the wide cheekbones of the oval face, you’re in the oblong club. And there’s a cut out there that’s screaming your name!

The Perfect Cut: Medium-length filled with lively, choppy layers, and crowned with a fringe that playfully grazes the eyebrows.

Why It Works: The fringe brings the focus to your eyes, breaking up the length. Those choppy layers? They’re like the perfect dance partners, adding width and movement. It’s a hair fiesta, and you’re the star!

10. Pear Face Shape: The Gradually Gorgeous

Medium Length Haircuts-Pear Face Shape

A narrow forehead that elegantly widens to a broader jawline and chin defines the pear face shape. Think of it as the gentle reverse of the heart shape.

The Perfect Cut: Medium-length, with a focus on volume at the temples and crown, settling into a modest U-shape at the back.

Why It Works: By amplifying the volume near the temples, this style creates a balanced visual width across the face. The U-shape? It’s the gentle caress your neck always wanted. It’s not just a hairstyle; it’s a harmonious symphony for your face.

Wrapping It Up

Well, there you have it! A kaleidoscope of face shapes, each with its distinct charm, and the haircuts that suit them to a T. Remember, darling, the best accessory you can ever wear is confidence. So, pick a style, wear it with pride, and let your hair do the talking!

Be it waves that whisper or layers that laugh, let your hair tell its story. Because every strand, every curl, every wave, is a page in the book of you.

Ann Shrott

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