07 Tips to Impress Your Husband & Fascinate Him Even More

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but admittedly, as time goes on, the spark can somewhat sizzle out. The love is still there, of course, but the passion needs to be reignited. You want your husband to look at you like he used to, you want to get his attention, and it is completely understandable – but how do you do that? No worries, we’ve got you. Keep reading for our 7 tips to not only impress your beloved husband but fascinate him even more.

07.Be Adventurous

Be Adventurous
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After several years of marriage, you tend to settle into a routine. This usually affects all aspects of your life and is completely natural. However, mixing it up a bit could really impress the hubby, particularly if you put an emphasis on the bedroom activities.

06.Take An Interest

Take An Interest
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Showing an actual interest in what he likes, such as his hobbies, can rekindle the connection between the two of you. Do a little bit of research on his favorite sports team so that the next time a game is on, you can enjoy it together and actually participate in the experience. Imagine his shock and awe when you can intelligibly debate the team statistics!

05.Be the Best You

Be the Best You
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Put something on that makes you feel beautiful. Do your makeup and hair. Spritz on your favorite perfume (or his!). Looking your best is not only enticing for the man in your life but it can also boost your confidence.

04.Plan a Man-Friendly Date Night

Plan a Man-Friendly Date Night
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Planning a date around stuff that he will enjoy will show that you are willing to go the extra mile for him. As a bonus, it’ll be one date he is not in a rush to end so there will be plenty of quality time spent together.

03.Be Flirty

Be Flirty
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Do you remember when you first met your husband? The excitement, those butterflies in your stomach? You can get there again and it’s as simple as letting your feelings take the lead. Flirt with him like you did when you initially got together.

02.Tell Him What You Want

Tell Him What You Want
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Falling into a cycle can mean that you tend to go with the flow regardless if you truly want to or not. This also can result in a lack of communication leading to distance in the relationship. Tell your husband exactly what you want – in and out of the bedroom. Impress him with your boldness and restart the fire.

01.Be Confident

beautiful woman
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Confidence is sexy and the more confident you are the more appealing you become. When you truly feel good about yourself, it shows, and that, in itself, is incredibly sexy. In his eyes, you are the most beautiful woman on the planet – own it, and dazzle him with your prowess.

All relationships have their ups and downs, and every good one takes work. If you are willing to put the effort in, which you obviously are judging by your choice in reading material, then the relationship is worth saving. And with that, we leave you with the poignant words of American Journalist, Mignon McLaughlin, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

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