5 Amazing Tips on How to Have a Fresh Start

There comes a time in life when everything seems not to be working out, and all that you really need at such a moment is a fresh start. It may be that you’ve just quit something, either by being forcibly ejected or willingly. Could be you’ve been working on something and you can’t seem to get where you want to be. All these are examples of moments that make you want to hit the “reboot” button and start over.

When such times arise, there is usually the excitement that comes from the possibility of new possibilities ahead. At the same time, however, you may experience “fear of the unknown” – the possibility of not being able to land on your feet. Whatever happens, there is always something you can do to get up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. To get a fresh start today, you should consider using the following tips to your benefit:

01.Don’t avoid regrets; manage them instead

Don’t avoid regrets; manage them instead
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If something fails to work out as we probably thought it would, regrets can come our way, especially if there was action or inaction that led to failure. In the majority of cases, the regrets are severe if the failure was as a result of failing to do something that would have averted the failure.

When such regrets arise, most people wish they can just do away with the regrets and start over. The right thing to, however, is understanding your regrets and using them to your benefit. By studying your regrets, you can try to make sense of where you have been, then use that to inform your future decisions and actions to avoid making the same mistakes.

02.Try to control your rumination

Try to control your rumination
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After failure, rumination can arise and you feel like you have no control over what you think about. The simple truth about rumination is that it won’t get you anywhere – it does not help in getting solutions to your problems. Instead, you remain in an endless cycle of worrying and getting stuck.

To avoid rumination, try not to be alone, as staying in your own world fuels negative thoughts. Instead, be around friends who can talk you through your worries and do whatever they can to bring up your high spirits. You can also assign yourself some “worry time”, but try to make it as short as you can. Use that time to worry about your problems but in a way that is close to meditation.

03.Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep
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Getting a fresh start is not always about failure. It could be that you just want to recover the sleep you lost when you were out on BBQ parties, camp-outs, or maybe even work. Whether or not your ‘reboot’ is being necessitated by failure, take some time to get enough rest. By doing that, you will give your mind some time to ‘reset’ so that it becomes easier to get new ideas that could be useful in various ways.

If getting that much-needed sleep is not something you can do with ease, consider meditating or stream of consciousness journaling right before tucking yourself into the sheets. Once you’re able to establish a stable sleep cycle, you’ll come out feeling like a new person.

04.Get your mindset right

Get your mindset right
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There are two kinds of mindset: the deliberative mindset, and the implemental mindset. The deliberative mindset makes it possible to think about your choices and strategies, while the implemental mindset is all about action.

By being able to switch between the two kinds of mindset, it becomes easy to take the right path depending on the circumstances. If, for example, your approach towards a certain problem isn’t working even though you’re doing your best, that’s a great sign that you may want to switch from the implemental mindset and get to the deliberative mindset so that you can rethink all available options.


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There is something so magical in forgiving. It may be that someone wronged you and caused you a lot of pain that makes you want to start over again. Perhaps you want to feel like you’ve not been the best version of yourself and would use some forgiveness. Whatever the case, forgiving yourself or others unties you from bonds of negative energy that holds you back from progressing in life. That way, you can successfully start over again and repair what’s broken.

In a nutshell,

We all need a fresh start at some point in life. Whether it’s as a result of something good or bad, you can always do a couple of things to reset your life and make things right. The ideas discussed in this article should go long way towards making it easier for you to get a fresh start towards a journey of unveiling the greatness in you.

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