How Insomnia Ruins Your Career

Insomnia is a state where a person fails to sleep the recommended eight hours. The person often has problems falling and staying asleep. Various factors contribute to the condition of insomnia. For instance, poor sleeping habits eventually cause sleep deprivation. Anxiety also causes a person to suffer from insomnia as it is a condition of constant worrying. More so, some diseases and medication also aggravate insomnia. Insomnia has a significant impact on a person’s career because it affects productivity. As such, this article will discuss how insomnia can ruin a career.

How Insomnia Ruins Your Career
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Insomnia reduces the productivity of an employee. Therefore the management will start complaining that a particular employee is not performing as expected. Sleep deprivation causes the employee to have diminished concentration. Thus, the employee cannot remain engaged for long, which affects the quality of work and contribution to the overall business. Also, the quality of decisions made by the employee reduces as a result of lack of sleep. The management can fail to promote the employee on account of non-performance, which affects career progression.

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Additionally, insomnia affects the overall functioning of the employee. The lack of enough sleep indicates that the mind and body have not rejuvenated. Therefore there is a backlog of exhaustion that builds up over time. The employee will appear tired all the time, and this affects the interaction and job performance. Moreover, sleep deprivation predisposes the worker in making silly mistakes in the course of work. For instance, an accountant will feed in the wrong amounts in a balance sheet, which misleads the decision. Therefore the managers will not trust the employee with specific tasks.

Furthermore, insomnia makes the employee fail to compete effectively in the workplace. The employee feels overall exhaustion, which affects their morale and ability to compete favorably. Lack of enough sleep also leads to loss of interest, which affects the employee’s enthusiasm towards work. They only appear to work because it is a requirement, but they do not show any interest in the book. Therefore the loss of interest in work makes the employee perceive instructions and assignments as a bother.

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People who have insomnia also become irritable and tend to get into fights with other people. Thus the management warns the employee, and if the employee remains in that state, they get fired. Therefore insomnia can cause loss of career. More so, insomnia also contributes to absenteeism, which affects the track record of the employee. More so, lack of sleep predisposes the employee to high blood pressure and anxiety, affecting productivity in the workplace.

Thus, insomnia is a medical condition that presents an inability to fall and remain asleep for long. The side effects of long periods of sleep cost so many people their careers. The employees suffering from this condition are unable to focus and concentrate on their work. They also produce substandard jobs because they are prone to making errors. Also, they become irritable and therefore cause unnecessary tension in the workplace. More so, if charged with the job of controlling machines, the employee can cause accidents. Thus insomnia interferes with the overall productivity of an employee, inhibiting career progression of the same.

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