How To Discover Your Life Purpose

Life purpose simply defines what you live for. Finding your life purpose is the gateway to achieving inner peace and healthier life. You may have a good-paying job, a big happy family, and many friends but lack a life purpose.

It can be a daunting task to tr and find your life purpose. It especially a daunting task for people in their 20s to find their life purpose. This is because most are advised that their life purpose and not pay should guide their career paths.

Finding your life purpose involves self-scrutiny, soul searching, mastering the art of listening, and the discovery of your passions

Here are some strategies to help you find meaning and purpose in your life:

01.Discover your Hobbies

Discover your Hobbies
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Which activities make you forget about eating or pooping? Is it a sporting activity? Is it video games? Is it reading? Whichever it is, it is your hobby.

The cognitive principles you apply behind your hobbies should be equally invested in your business and towards self-improvement. Once you do this your life starts to have some kind of meaning.

02.Invest your time, money, and talent in a just cause

Invest your time, money, and talent in a just cause
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Have you ever done a kind deed and felt happy about it? Well, have and it made me feel like my life had a meaning. That my purpose is to help others in the ways that I am able.

You can help others by volunteering to do community work and donating money to a just cause such as an orphanage. You can also offer to host events of your community.

This will greatly aid you in discovering your life purpose. Being a giver and helping others is strongly linked with one having a purposeful life.

A kind gesture will always make you feel like you have a purpose in life.

03.Try new things

Try new things
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Learn to embarrass yourself. The fear of embarrassment denies a lot of people the opportunity to discover their life purpose.

When you are worried about what others may think or say about you it limits your level of exploration. This can also be linked to the fear of “failing your parents”.

To discover your purpose and meaning in life you need to avoid this herd mentality.

04.Think About your Death

Think About your Death
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I know, sounds absurd, doesn’t it? A lot of people freak out when they think about dying. It however has a lot of positive outcomes.

If say you consider that your death will occur within a year, you will start thinking of what is and what is not important in your life. You will then focus on the important things and invest your time in them.

Remember life is the moment you are living right now.

05.Engage New People

Engage New People
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Sometimes we feel like we have enough friends. How about the next time you are on that bus or commuter train you engage a new person? I know what you are thinking. They probably don’t want new friends.

Engaging new people does not necessarily mean they will be your full-time friends. However, you can learn a lot in that short period that you converse with them. This starts to give your ideas on what you want your life to be like.


Finding your life purpose needs you to do it step by step. It cannot be rushed as it’s not a one-day, week, or month thing. Your purpose in life can also change with time.

You can have several life purposes. You are not limited to one.

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