How To Put Your Husband Before Anyone Else

01. Make marriage a commitment

Take a look at your schedules and see when you can make time for just the two of you. Make a date night a regular occurrence. Even if it’s only once a month, it can be really beneficial to your marriage.

02. Spouses are partners and mates, not neighbors.

Spouses are partners and mates, not neighbors.
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You and your partner get so preoccupied with things other than each other that you drift apart. You initially feel quite busy, but after a while, you begin to feel like neighbors. You get into a pattern, thinking it’s just a stage. It is a stage, and you are correct: it is the start of the end. The children are pretty much gone, and you didn’t recall why you married so young.

03. There is no one else who will prioritize you.

There is no one else who will prioritize you.
Jep Gambardella at Pexels

My hubby is the type who prioritizes others over himself. That is one of his qualities that I appreciate. It can, however, be both a good and bad thing for him. So I want to do everything I can to make sure he is well-cared for and that his wants and needs are met.

04. Keeping my husband first does not imply that my children will suffer.

It’s okay if you think I’m a little nuts for prioritizing my marriage over everything else. You and I both care deeply about your children. However, we must keep in mind that prioritizing our husbands does not automatically mean our children will be mistreated, disregarded, or beaten.

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