50 Smart Ways to Be Proactive in Life

Proactive is a characteristic that many people want but not everyone has. While most people naturally do not have this ability, it can be developed. The information presented here will provide you with 50 smart ways to be proactive in life. Once you know these principles, they will help you to develop a proactive mindset.

What does being proactive mean?

Proactive people act on situations and circumstances instead of reacting to things that happen in life. Proactive people see a problem and figure out solutions in advance. They don’t allow a problem to become so big that it’s hard to control. Being proactive requires a person to act and not just react to things that happen. Also, proactive people don’t always sit around waiting for issues to resolve themselves or just go away. Instead, they take the necessary steps to correct problems in the present and the future.

Why you should be proactive in your life?

Look, you can make it through life without being proactive. That is the truth. Not every person out here is going to always figure out solutions for any problem they might see in advance. Most people don’t think that way. Instead, most people like to deal with problems as they happen. Again, many people live this way and chances are they will be this way until the day they die.

Now, if you want to be the kind of person that avoids a lot of headache and unnecessary pain, then be proactive. The fact is that proactive people have better outcomes for the problems they are dealing with in life and they’re go through less stress and problems.

Having the ability to resolve issues before they happen will keep a person’s life less problematic. Also, people who can see problems in advance usually can figure out ways to avoid it and change it. This is a smart thing to do. It will help to keep problems from becoming unmanageable.

How to be more proactive in life?

You can develop a proactive mindset by simply taking a look at your life. Look at your life from a realistic and honest perspective. If you can’t see the wrong things in your life, then have another person to evaluate you. What you are searching for are potential problems that you might be facing. You will also search for current negative issues that are plaguing your life as well.

For example, do you constantly struggle to pay your rent? A person who is proactive will figure out that this is an ongoing problem that must be changed. They will then figure out solutions bring in more money to cover their rent. They can also downsize and move into a cheaper house. The point is, they are coming up with different ways to resolve a problem rather than just react to it.

Reacting to a problem with rent is going to eviction court, begging the landlord for more time, or taking out loans to pay the rent. These solutions work temporarily but they are not long term and they do not resolve the situation. Proactive solutions not only resolve problems, but it makes them go away. That is what a real proactive approach to life does for people.

Here are some proactive habits and solutions that can use to develop a proactive mindset. Each of these tips are practical and will help you to develop a proactive mindset.

01.See Things Holistically

See Things Holistically

Look at your issues for what they really are. See the big picture. Don’t downplay them or blow them up. Look at your situation from different angles. Makes sure you are thoroughly evaluating everything. Have a realistic mindset for your issues and then handle them according.

02.Focus on a Plan

Focus on a Plan

After you list all your problems, come up with a practical plan. Your plan should address the best options you have to resolve your issues. Also consider alternate versions of your plan. Having a backup plan will also help in case your original doesn’t work out. Ultimately, your plan should be designed for resolving your issues.

03.Concentrate Further on the Future

Concentrate Further on the Future

Concentrate on getting rid of a problem that could possibly trouble you in the future. Remember, current problems often stay with people for years. Don’t expect for your problems to magically disappear. Make sure your solutions effectively resolve problems.

04.Take Ownership of your Choices

Take Ownership of your Choices

When you come up with solutions be wise. Don’t come up with foolish solutions. Foolish solutions consist of resolutions that involve immoral behavior, deceit, and manipulation. Avoid using these tactics, they could backfire on you. You also don’t want another reason to blame everyone or everything else when your solutions don’t work out right. Be responsible for your decisions.

05.Focus on the Things that you can Control

Focus on the Things that you can Control

This is a hard thing to do. People naturally want to control everything in their lives. Oftentimes none of us can. Again, this is hard because most of us just want to have a problem free existence. Focus on what you can control and don’t worry about the rest.

06.Prioritize the Goals

Prioritize the Goals

Make sure you prioritize your goals for resolving a problem. Prioritizing your solutions will help you to make problems go away. Don’t come up with a list of workable solutions then put them on the back burner. If you do this type of thing, it will take more time for you to straiten things out in your life. Put your goals into action as soon as possible.

07.Allow Things to Happen

Allow Things to Happen

Earlier, it was stated that people often go years just reacting to problems. Sometimes it is wise to allow things to happen. You can see the whole picture when you do. Then you can create better solutions to get rid of a problem. This approach might seem contradictive to being proactive. When you allow things to happen you are just seeing how things really play out. Use this experience to clear things up permanently.

08.Agree that Errors are Possible

Agree that Errors are Possible

No person’s judgment is 100% perfect all the time. Since it’s not, people will make mistakes in this area. Your solutions to a situation or problem might not be the best. Just own your wrongs and try not to repeat those same mistakes. Make sure you’re not making to many errors. If you are, then you should reevaluate your judgment and problem-solving skills.

09.Be a Problem Solver

Be a Problem Solver

Problem solvers get rid of problems and not fester in them. Be a problem solver and don’t let negative issues keep you down in life. This is another one that is naturally hard for people to do. The reason being is that people don’t like to confront the wrong things in their life. This is why bad situations can plague people in life for a very long time. It also helps to explain why more people are not proactive.

10.Choose a Proactive Community

Choose a Proactive Community

A proactive community is a group of people that make decisions in advance to prevent certain situations from happening. A crime watch group is just one example. Join a proactive community to develop skills for preventing problems and issues. You can also join a group of problem solvers within a proactive community. Together everyone can help everyone to find solutions based on their experience.

11.Don’t Worry Over Stuff that you can’t Manage

Don't Worry Over Stuff that you can't Manage

Again, there are some things in life beyond your control. Accept it and move on. No one can correct every problem that is wrong. Truthfully, everyone has something bad or irritating in their life; even when their lives are problem free. We live in a broken world and nothing (or no one) in this world is 100% perfect. The key is to be content even if you have little annoyances.

12.Enjoy your Accomplishments

Enjoy your Accomplishments

Don’t forget to enjoy your accomplishments when you find workable solutions to your problems. This will give you more confidence with being proactive. It will also help you to become more aware of any potential situation that might create an issue for you. Taking time to congratulate yourself on getting rid of a problem will help you to in in the long run.

13.Be Optimistic

Be Optimistic

Being optimistic helps you to find workable solutions. People who are proactive at work typically have this mindset. Optimism is essential for proactivity. When your mind has a positive outlook, your solutions will typically follow. You’ll also have a greater awareness of your ability to get rid of conflict and situation before they start.

14.Be Accountable

Be Accountable

Remember, you must be accountable for your solutions whether they work or not. Don’t blame anyone if things go wrong. Make sure you are working out solutions that you can live with. Don’t do things (in the name of being proactive) that will cause you shame, heartache, or you to doubt yourself in the long run. Don’t forget, when you create a solution; that solution should not further cause you more problems down the line.

15.Be in Line

Be in Line

Being in line simply means that a person is doing things in the right way. Find solutions that will have you doing the right thing. If not, it was already mentioned that you will create more problems for yourself. No rational person wants to keep doing things in the wrong way. This is contradictive to resolving your issues and being proactive in life.

16.Be Honest

Be Honest

Be honest about where you’re at in life. Be honest about the problems that you caused yourself. This is the best way to find solutions. Keep in mind that you should evaluate other people and the negative role that they play (or played) with your problems. If they caused you pain, created a negative situation for you, or caused your life complications; forgive them but limit their access. You should figure out ways to limit (or completely remove) them from your life.

17.Depend on Yourself

Depend on Yourself

Don’t depend on anyone to resolve your problems. People can help you along the way. However, you are ultimately responsible for you. Come up with solutions on your own. Being proactive is something that must carried out by each individual. Every person must find their own way.

18.Analyze the Advance Measures

Analyze the Advance Measures

Being proactive will require you to analyze the advanced measures or solutions that you need to get things done. Make sure your advance measures are doable and effective. Advance measures simply means that you have workable solutions already figured out ahead of time.

19.Set Clear Goals

Set Clear Goals

Don’t come up with hard solutions or solutions that do not work. Set clear goals that don’t confuse you. Complicated and intricate solutions can make things more difficult with you. So, your goals must be clear and workable.

20.Be Consistent

Be Consistent

Consistently do your best. Be consistent with your solutions. Don’t tire of finding or adapting solutions for your problem. Sometimes, being proactive will require consistency. You will have to constantly work on your issues and make adjustments accordingly.

21.Maintain a Favorable Outlook

Maintain a Favorable Outlook

People are naturally negative. However, many people today have a positive mindset outwardly. Try to maintain a favorable outlook always. Even if you have to fake it until you make it; do it anyway. Maintain a favorable outlook on your situation and don’t give up on changing your circumstances.

22.Avoid Reacting

Avoid Reacting

Avoid reacting. This is one of the best habits to develop to be proactive. Be proactive and cut the problem off. This must be stated again. Most people will react to problems instead of resolving them. This is how many people’s mindsets work. You will have to train yourself and work hard at being proactive and dealing with issues before they arise.

23.Know that you have the Authority to Choose

Know that you have the Authority to Choose

People can choose how to resolve their problems. They have the authority over their lives to take this action. Do not allow other people to resolve your situations. You have to do that on your own. By the way, this does not mean you cannot accept input from others. But at the end of the day, you must figure things out for yourself.

24.Practice Self Awareness

Practice Self Awareness

You should practice self-awareness. This will help you to detect problems and get rid of bad habits that keep negative issues in your life. If you’re self-aware it will help you to be very proactive. Self-aware people see themselves and their situations for who hey are. They don’t lie to themselves. This makes their life more manageable and problem free.

25.Don’t Escape from Reality

Don’t Escape from Reality

People who escape reality have a low chance of resolving their issues. Look at things realistically and adjust accordingly. Escaping reality is another big reason why people are not proactive. A lot of people would rather just escape reality than deal with the wrong things in their lives. Don’t make a bad habit of not escaping reality.

26.Be Decisive

Be Decisive

Your proactive solutions should be decisive. Live life intentionally and make sure your solutions are on point. When you’re decisive, your solutions will also be decisive. When you are direct and to the point, your solutions will also be that way. You will accomplish more.

27.Make Targets that Require you to Adjust.

Make Targets that Require you to Adjust.

If problems keep showing up in certain areas of your life, target those areas and adjust accordingly. This will make it easier to get rid of them. Targeting reoccurring problems will help you to effectively keep them from gaining a foothold. This process will also help you to stay on top of things.

28.Make a to do List

Make a to do List

Make a list that has your proactive solutions to problems. This will be more productive with getting rid of them. The list you make, should have many different viable solutions on them. These solutions should come from different points of views and perspectives to be more effective.

29.Be Persistent

Be Persistent

Don’t give up being proactive in life. Don’t stop working on your problems. Persistence goes a long way with showing how you can resolve your conflicts. Make sure you are exerting an effort to do the right thing and stay focused on that effort until your resolution has been accomplished.

30.Don’t Over-Commit Yourself

Don't Over-Commit Yourself

Some problems will be harder to resolve than others. Take the time to figure things out. Don’t over-commit yourself. If you do, you could possibly hinder any progress you make by being proactive. Take your time but don’t try to get rid of everything in a matter of minutes. Remember, many of your problems in life took days, weeks, months, or even years to create. It might take the same amount of time to get rid of them.

31.Manage your Valuable Time

Manage your Valuable Time

Manage your time and be wise with how much time you’re spending on a problem. Again, you don’t want your life to be consumed by resolving all your problems. Well, you can do this if the problems in your life are that bad. Still, you can become unbalanced if you’re constantly trying to fix everything that is wrong in your life. Don’t forget that your life will always have some type of quirk in it.

32.Learn from Errors

Learn from Errors

Learn from your errors. You can do better the next time around if you do. One of the best ways to be proactive is to learn form your errors. People who learn from their errors tend not to repeat the same mistakes in life. This is important for you to understand.

33.Building up New Skills

Building up New Skills

Build new problems solving skills is important for being proactive. Building up new skills is important for the go getter mentality and problem solving. A person who is a go getter generally is very proactive. They step up and do what is necessary to change problems in their life.

34.Be a Good Listener

Be a Good Listener

Be a good listener in life. It will help you to come up with practical solutions for your problems. Remember you’re not the only person with issues. By listening to other people, they can provide you with a world of advice about how to best resolve your issues. Good listening skills will help you to become more effective and being proactive.

35.Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Be prepared to deal with problems as they come. Be prepared to have solutions ready for anything that comes your way. This is also a huge part of being proactive. Having premade solutions to problems will help to keep your life problem free for a long time.

36.Take Every Opportunity

Take Every Opportunity

Take every opportunity to clear up any situation that is holding you back in life. Don’t wait around and allow problems to keep you down or grow too big. Problems will remain in your life if you don’t handle them. Do everything you can to make things better for you and take advantage of the problem in your life that are going wrong.

37.Use Words Wisely

Use Words Wisely

Proactive people use their words wisely. They use them to help resolve issues which helps them to be more at peace. Use your words wisely when you’re being proactive. Use your words wisely when you’re developing solutions for your life. Use your words wisely to make your life better.

38.Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey

Resolving your issues through a proactive approach can be a thrilling experience. Enjoy the journey of your life while you do this. The journey of life is connected to being proactive. You will have problems and these issues will be a part of your journey in life. Solving them through proactive means is also a part of this journey.

39.Improve Imagination and Creativity

Improve Imagination and Creativity

Come up with different ways to resolve issues that you face. Being creative and imaginative helps to get rid of problems. Creative problem solving is something that people do all the time. Finding unique ways to make things better helps people to find workable solutions for their lives.

40.Change your own Behavior

Change your own Behavior

Change your behavior and it will go a long way with stopping problems before they happen. The way you act could cause you more problems in life. Also, your behavior could cause you to be less proactive. Change your habits and your personality. Once you do this, things in your life should change around.

41.Learn the Lessons from Previous Experiences

Learn the Lessons from Previous Experiences

Experience can be a great teacher. Remember, experience helps us to see how things usually turn out in life. Being proactive is also learned from experience. Once you have lots of experience, resolving problems should not be a problem. This is because you will know what to do, to get rid of issues that are troubling your life.

42.Set a Positive Attitude Towards Life

Set a Positive Attitude Towards Life

Positivity will help you tremendously in life. Just make sure your positivity is grounded in realism and practicality. Optimism was briefly mentioned before this point. This quality and positivity are closely linked. Don’t forget that positive behavior helps your life to turn out right and less problem free.

43.Don’t Blame the Game Play the Game

This phrase just tells people to be responsible for what they are dealing with and stop blaming everything and everyone. The blame game will not make anybody’s life better. At the end of the day, everybody has to take ownership of their messes. Even if another person caused them problems, they still have to be responsible for them.

This phrase just tells people to be responsible for what they are dealing with and stop blaming everything and everyone. The blame game will not make anybody’s life better. At the end of the day, everybody has to take ownership of their messes. Even if another person caused them problems, they still have to be responsible for them.

44.Don’t Multi Tasking

Don’t Multi Tasking

Make sure you are not over stressing yourself trying to clear up all of your issues. This is important because you can literally stress yourself out trying to be too proactive. Sometimes, there are things that you will not be able to control. You just have to accept this premise in life. Multi-tasking your problems will not make them automatically go away and could complicate things more.

45.Keep an Open Mindset

Keep an Open Mindset

Keeping an open mindset is one the best habits to be proactive. Here’s the thing. An open mindset will help you to adjust and adapt to problems that you are facing. Remember that sometimes your solutions don’t always work. So, you must have an open mindset to do things differently. Remember doing things differently will yield different results, but be careful about how you apply this process.

46.Avoid from Judging.

Avoid from Judging.

Try your best not to judge people or even yourself when you’re being proactive. Sometimes, people become too zealous in their effort to be proactive. This could cause them to become judgmental and critical. You don’t want to make more problems for yourself by being too judgmental and critical while being proactive.

47.Anticipate Good Things

Anticipate Good Things

You should always anticipate good things when you be proactive. Anticipating good things will allow you to be more confident about your solutions. Being proactive is always about getting rid of problems and once your problems are gone things should get better. Resolving your issues should bring you joy.

48.Review the Progress

Review the Progress

Constantly scrutinize yourself to ensure that you are on track. Make sure to honestly evaluate your life and where you need to make adjustment. Be proactive about this process. It will help to make your life better and help things to turn out better for you.

49.Know your Values

Know your Values

Your values in life matter. This is especially true for proactive people. Make sure your values help you to develop solutions that are right and morally correct. Morality plays a huge part of problem solving. Your values will guide you in life. Make sure that you are not doing things to yourself and other people that you will regret down the road. This is your life, and you don’t want to be your worse enemy. So make good decisions based off your values. Hopefully, your values are decent.

50.Constantly Telling you that this is a Practice

Constantly Telling you that this is a Practice

Practice makes perfect. That simple expression sums up what you must do to develop a proactive mindset. You will have to take time to build up this skill. If you practice this habit long enough, you will eventually create habits to be proactive that will last a lifetime.

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