8 Ways to Break the Mobile Addiction

If you are like most people you have an addiction to your mobile phone. It seems like you cannot be without your device and if you are you are not sure what to do. There are some ways that you can break this addiction. These are 8 tips to help you break your addiction to your mobile phone.

01.Acknowledge Your Addiction

Acknowledge Your Addiction

You need to admit to yourself that you are addicted to your phone. You may check it every couple of minutes and feel incomplete without it. you need to be aware that you feel like you need your phone and that you are ready to take charge of your dependency.

02.Delete Some Apps

Delete Some Apps
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You may have an app for just about everything on your phone. If you think about it you do not need all of these apps. You should look at them and decide which ones you use and if they add any value to your life. You should also silence all of the notifications from the apps. If you do not use the apps they should be deleted from the home screen.

03.Look at Your Surroundings

Look at Your Surroundings
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There are some things that you need to be aware of when it comes to your surroundings. There are some reasons why you cannot use your phone and compete with certain activates. You cannot text and drive because your attention needs to be on the road. You need to put your phone down or you may miss out on some good experiences.

04.Non-Phone Activities

Non-Phone Activities
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You should make a list of the things that entertain you that are not related to the cell phone. You should find some real life activities that you enjoy. This way you will have a list of things that you like to do that are not related to your phone. Now you can put the phone down and enjoy some real activities.

05.Not At the Table

Not At the Table
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Take a small step and leave the phone down at dinner time or when eating. Sharing a meal with a friend or family member can be enjoyable and a lot of money fun than playing on a phone.

06.Do Not Sleep With the Phone

Do Not Sleep With the Phone
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If you are tempted to play on your phone when you should be sleeping it is time to leave the phone behind. The light from your phone can also interrupt your sleep. You should leave the phone out of reach from your bed so it does not mess with your sleep.

07.Take a Phone Vacation

Take a Phone Vacation
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You need to turn off your phone and put it away for a little while. You should turn your phone off and leave it alone for the evening. This may bother you at first but soon you will be able to live without it.

08.Use as Needed

Use as Needed
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You should only use your phone to make calls as needed. You should think of a reason to pick up your phone and a purpose. You should not pick it up just for fun.

These are some things that you can do to help break your phone addiction. If you are spending too much time on your phone these are some things you can do to help break the habit.

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