The 10 Greatest Fears That are Holding You Back From Success

Fear is universal. While the reasons behind it may vary, we all have a fear of something, and many of us suffer from more than one fear. It is a natural human emotion, and one that you needn’t be ashamed of but it is something that you should analyze. Being fearless might be a comforting dream, but not one that is actually based in reality. As natural as the feeling might be, there are consequences of fear, and those consequences can truly be detrimental to your future. These fears have to be conquered to have any chance at a successful life and recognizing them, and acknowledging them is the biggest step. Here the 10 greatest fears that are holding you back from success.

01.The Fear of Insufficiency

The Fear of Insufficiency
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Feeling sufficient in our lives and roles in them is imperative to success. Feelings of insufficiency and inadequacy can bring up a whole range of emotions, many of which can affect our day to day lives. If we want others to believe in us, we first need to believe in ourselves, first and foremost.

02.The Fear of Rejection

The Fear of Rejection
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Being rejected is never fun, for anyone, and it can definitely impact and damage your self-esteem. Being fearful of rejection can lead to a vicious cycle – which means that you never actually get anywhere, regardless of your intentions. Rejection happens to everyone, it is what we learn from it that truly matters. Accept, learn, and move on.

03.The Fear of Succeeding:

The Fear of Succeeding:
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As odd as it may sound, one of the biggest fears holding you back could very well be the fear of succeeding itself. Achieving success can be a frightening concept, mainly because you don’t know what to expect, or are unsure of yourself – it can quickly become overwhelming. As difficult as it might be, you need to push those insecurities aside and embrace your own truth-you deserve this.

04.The Fear of Change

The Fear of Change
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I will be the first to admit that change can be absolutely terrifying, but it is something that is going to happen, on a daily basis, whether we like it or not. By being in fear of change you are in essence fighting against your own success. Dig down deep inside of yourself and embrace the changes life throws at you. Positive choices generally end up as positive life alterations.

05.The Fear of Embarrassment

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No one likes to be embarrassed, humiliation is an awful feeling. Although the fear of embarrassment is not uncommon or unusual, giving in to it should never be an option. By not taking risks, you are depriving yourself of what could be. No one, and I mean no one, makes it to the top by avoiding putting themselves out there in fear of being ridiculed. Do some self-reflection and understand that the only opinion that can impact your success is your own.

06.The Fear of Losing Power

The Fear of Losing Power
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Becoming a success does not have to mean that you are losing your power, though it can sometimes feel that way. It is possible to succeed in life and still have your own power over it. It might be a balancing act, but it can be done.

07.The Fear of Isolation

The Fear of Isolation
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Because the ride to the top can be a lonely one, some fear the isolation that can sometimes come with being successful. True, it can be difficult to juggle friends, family, and a social life with the demands that come with being a success, but it is hardly an impossible feat. Accomplishment does not have to equal loneliness.

08.The Fear of Aging

The Fear of Aging
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Um, yea. Who isn’t terrified of getting older? The thing to keep in mind is that you are never too old to become what you were meant to be. Aging should really be considered more of an asset to your success. You are less likely to be impulsive and you tend to become wiser the older you get.

09.The Fear of Loss of Freedom

The Fear of Loss of Freedom
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Making a commitment, whether it is professional or otherwise, can cause anyone to feel somewhat uncertain. Questioning yourself, fearing that you could be giving up some sort of freedom if you follow through on your dreams, is completely natural. And, in a way, it is warranted, if, or should I say when, you become successful, you will be losing at least some of your freedom. But this should be a consequence you are willing to take, if for nothing else, for your own confidence and self-worth.

10.The fear of Tomorrow

The fear of Tomorrow
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The future in and of itself can be a pretty scary proposition but while you are worrying and fretting about what tomorrow will bring, you are missing out on what today has to offer. Instead of being consumed by fear at future prospects, think of all of the opportunities that tomorrow will hold. It really is up to you and the lens you choose to see through.

Fear is instinctual to most species, an internal alarm or warning if you will. The key is to learn how to determine if your fear is actually valid and the steps needed to healthily overcome it. Don’t let fear become your motivating factor, succeed in spite of your fears.

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